Monday, September 29, 2014

The Smoking Gun of the Rosetta Deception

After writing the book the Rosetta Deception (available for free at ), I have been in a constant search for corroborating information to bolster the theory that the Ghost Rockets over northern and southern Europe in 1946 were the product of a strategic deception operation by the US and UK against the Soviets with the endgame being the breaking of the Soviet diplomatic code. I have now uncovered the smoking gun evidence for the deception.

I didn’t have to dig through Government archives - those records are for sure still classified and will remain so despite any Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests - I simply had to examine the open source evidence that the deception planners could not hide away in locked file cabinets marked Top Secret - the New York Times online newspaper archive for 1946 providing the necessary clues.

At the same time the Ghost Rockets were flying over Europe, another geopolitical event of enormous importance - the Paris Peace Conference was being held July 29, 1946 to October 15, 1946 – also playing a role in the Rosetta Deception. The Paris Peace Conference involved the victorious WW2 powers of the US, UK, France and the Soviet Union negotiating war reparations and the redrawn borders of Italy, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Finland. But it is how these two events played out in the US news media that reveals the inner workings of the Rosetta Deception.

If you have taken the time to read the book, you will understand how complicated the deception operation was and how important the timing of each step was to pull off a successful operation. In Chapter 53 of the book, titled appropriately “Timing is Everything” I explained the chronological rationale for the events that took place. I will reiterate some of that here but first let me recap for the reader who has not had the chance to read the book or who maybe started and never finished it, the crux of the deception operation. To break the Soviet diplomatic code, this was the blueprint followed:

         1.     Create anxiety on the part of the Soviets that some country was experimenting with advanced missile technology first over northern Europe in Scandinavia and later over southern Europe. The Soviets knew they were not involved but would be desperate to find out who was.

2.       Influence the Scandinavian countries to declare a news blackout on the Ghost Rockets at the end of July 1946 but keep the stories alive in the American Press.

3.       Because of heavy FBI surveillance, Soviet agents in the United States were operating at reduced capacity with most of the intelligence gleaned coming from the American Press. Any sensitive intelligence that a Soviet agent wanted to communicate to Moscow was done through Soviet diplomatic channels. Since the Soviets could only use radio in the event of an emergency, they relied on US commercial telegraph carriers to transmit encrypted messages back to Moscow.

4.       Known as Operation Shamrock, the major US telegraph companies were making copies of encrypted Soviet messages and sending these to the Army Security Agency (ASA), the predecessor of the NSA. The attempted breaking of these Soviet messages is what became later known as the Venona Project.

5.       The ASA had two major challenges to deal with to break the Soviet diplomatic code as the code was double encrypted – first by a code book and second by a one-time pad. The ASA had already discovered at this point a tedious method to break the second layer of encryption based on a Soviet screw up in their cryptographic practices as each one-time pad had been manufactured more than once and was essentially a two-time pad. The code book however had to be rebuilt completely from scratch.

6.       To speed up the whole process, the US/UK used a technique known as gardening – planting text that the Soviets would unknowingly encrypt as intelligence and send back to Moscow. The intercepted traffic could then be decrypted by exploiting the Soviet screw up in pad manufacture. Through comparative analysis the second layer of encryption could be removed revealing the first layer of encryption that required a code book to read.

7.       To reconstruct the Soviet code book – the first level of encryption would be examined for tell- tale “cartouches”, code groups that contained Anglicized names that literally had to be spelled out character by character from a spell table that represented the Latin characters. Once these Anglicized names were isolated, the surrounding code groups that represented Russian words from the code book could be guessed based on knowledge of the planted text. This would allow the code book of 10,000 Russia words to be reconstructed out of thin air. The more plain text that could be planted and communicated by the Soviets through diplomatic channel, the better the chances were of reconstructing the Soviet code book.

8.       Once the code book was reconstructed, it could be put to use decrypting all other Soviet diplomatic code messages hoping that the messages contained information about Soviet spies in the United States and other persons of interest to US/UK counterintelligence.

The wild card that the deception operators were most concerned with was how to force Soviet intelligence in the US to send planted text in the American press via encrypted Soviet diplomatic channels rather than through open non-encrypted channels. In other words, what was stopping the Soviet TASS news agency from sending US newspaper stories in the clear via standard wireless radio or telegraphic communication, and not via encrypted Soviet diplomatic channels? The answer? Using what the Soviets claimed their system of Communism championed – the rights of the common worker.

On August 7, 1946, a strike by 300 Press Wireless workers was called in New York, Washington and San Francisco by the American Communications Association (ACA). Press Wireless, Inc. supplied newspapers and press associations with news reports from abroad, not obtaining news but transmitting messages by radio between the United States and fourteen countries in Europe, Asia and South America. In its peak year, 1945, it handled 157,000,000 words or an average of over 430,000 daily. In 1946, communication from the US to Europe was sent either through standard radio communication, radio telegraph or transoceanic telegraph cable. The first voice over transoceanic cable was not functional until the 1950s.

The reason for the strike was the decision by Press Wireless to lay off or reduce the wages of 46 employees because of a sharp reduction in traffic since the end of WW2.  Despite a no-strike clause in the labor management contract, the Union refused to call off the strike until the employees were reinstated and the company refused to reinstate until after arbitration.

A week later, the ACA extended the strike, ordering its members in all other cable and wireless companies and foreign operations centers not to handle overseas press messages. The New York Newspaper Guild in turn told its members not to handle Press Wireless messages, prompting the New York Times to issue front page apologies from August 14 till the news embargo ended on August 19, stating that because of the strike, certain foreign news stories could not be published. The strike effectively curtailed most of the radio and cable transmission of international news to and from the US.

Affected by the expanded news embargo which began at 2 PM on August 12 was the Soviet TASS news agency. The Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS) was the central news agency for the collection and distribution of internal and international news for all Soviet news media (newspaper, radio and television). It had a monopoly on official state information, most of which was not published in the Soviet Union but issued as information for Soviet officials. The agency was frequently infiltrated by the Soviet intelligence and security agencies and many of its employees also voluntarily served as information sources for the KGB.

So imagine you are a TASS/KGB agent and the method you have used for normally transmitting media reports of intelligence importance has suddenly been cut off. What do you do? You find a different channel of communication. The strike affected all news agency message traffic, but commercial traffic was exempted. Soviet diplomatic personnel relied on US commercial telegraph companies to transmit encrypted messages to Moscow, a communication channel which was also routinely used by the Soviet intelligence agencies.  In light of normal overt communication channels being cut off, the commercial channel could act as the backdoor for transmitting media articles on the Ghost Rockets and the Paris Peace Talks to Moscow - media articles that were planted by the deception planners with the full cooperation of newspapers like the New York Times.

Rosetta assets had considerable experience infiltrating labor unions, learning from the best of the best – British Intelligence in the guise of British Security Coordination (BSC), also based in New York City. For these experienced operatives, it was child’s play to kick off the strike and manipulate both sides until the deception planner’s goals were met.

The Rosetta deception planners created a bottleneck of information flow for the Soviet intelligence agencies in the US at a very crucial time – a time when Moscow desperately needed overt information to flow on the Ghost Rockets and what the US media was reporting on the Paris Peace Conference. That bottleneck forced transmission through the commercial telegraph carriers who were more than happy to transmit encrypted news media stories while rejecting all overt news media and simultaneously feeding these encrypted messages back to the ASA/GCCS where allied codebreakers would attempt to break the Soviet diplomatic code. Ingenious really – and the fact that this story has only come to light some seventy years later – attests to both the thorough detailed planning and execution of the deception and the extreme compartmentalized secrecy of the operation.  

From August 12 – 19, 1946, just one short week when TASS was forced to use the encrypted Soviet diplomatic channel to send US news media stories to Moscow, the US/UK deception planners completely controlled the information flow between Soviet Intelligence on American soil and Moscow Centre, a code breaking feat that even the Anglo code breakers of the enigma code and the Japanese cypher could not claim.

The US/UK governments have no reason to hide the details of this operation from the world. The events transpired almost 70 years ago and the methods used no longer apply in a world where information flows across the globe in fractions of a second. It is time for the truth to be told and the deception planners acknowledged for their ingenuity and resourcefulness. If the history books on the Cold War have to be revised accordingly, so be it.

It is time for the magicians of Rosetta to take a bow for their incredible performance.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hear Ye ...Hear Ye... Ghost Rocket Experts of the World

All of this listening to the self-proclaimed 1946 Ghost Rocket experts like Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner trash my book The Rosetta Deception, even though they never made it past reading the cover, got me to thinking. How about a good old fashioned, all American Town Hall Meeting to bring this to a public debate?

Not to discuss politics or the state of the economy but to just talk evidence and what really happened in 1946 in Northern and Southern Europe when rockets were flying over head and on to the front pages of newspapers all over the world. Heck, let's get all the Ghost Rocket experts together and have an evidence fest with everyone having equal time to present their case.

Now,of course we would have to lay down some ground rules for the debate in case anyone was keen on taking things off on some wild tangent and here is what I suggest.

1. Witness testimony or media reports can't be the sole evidence a speaker presents. Official documentation of known provenance must be included as well.

2. You have to present an actual theory for what caused the Ghost Rocket sensation. If you think Aliens were behind the rockets, then state it. If you think they were flying leprechauns, then state it. Presenting evidence without proposing a theory for what you're presenting evidence of is not acceptable.

3. Your presentation must not sound like an episode of Ancient Aliens...too many "What ifs" or "Is it possibles" or "Could it bes" is not a presentation. You must answer with evidence the questions you ask.

4. The word Roswell can not be used...different year and different subject..

Now I would love to have this debate in Sweden where the rocket stories originated but that would be prohibitively expensive unless some rich guy like Robert Bigelow wanted to foot the bill. Somehow I doubt that will happen.

MUFON could host the debate at their 2015 symposium as a possibility. Alternatively, we could just get a hotel conference room for the day and let the public attend at  no charge. Presenters would have to fund their own way to the town hall meeting...not unreasonable if they plan on hawking their wares at the debate to help defray the travel expenses.

I will foot my own bill since I don't plan on selling any books at the Town Hall - I am making the Rosetta Deception available free online at

It is time for the Ghost Rocket experts to put up or shut up ... let the debate begin!

Monday, August 4, 2014

I will have Pastrami with that Debate

Stanton Friedman has reiterated calling my book The Rosetta Deception disinformation even though he hasn't bothered to read it. He also said that I am full of baloney and puts forward an article he wrote for the MUFON Journal in 2010 as the basis for his comments. What he doesn't yet realize (because he hasn't read my book) is that his 2010 comments only bolster the book's theory and do no not detract from it.

I didn't respond back in 2010 but since Stan decided to dredge up his article, it is time I set the record straight. I won't address his comments on Roswell because my book is NOT about Roswell. If he had bothered to read it, he probably would have tempered his comments accordingly. Instead, I will focus on Stanton's comments on the subject of disinformation. 

Stan says: 
"I am definitely in agreement with James that disinformation is a very important aspect of hot and cold war activities. Certainly New Mexico is no stranger to disinformation and intentional misinformation. When the extraordinary first nuclear explosion was set off at Trinity site on the White Sands Missile Range on July 16, 1947, at 5:29 AM, it was seen by people as far as 100 miles away. Many calls were made to Sheriff's offices, police forces, etc. In a few days a totally false story was released indicating that an ammunition dump had blown up and that fortunately nobody was injured. It was only after the nuclear detonations on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, on August 6 and 9, that the true story came out. The city of Los Alamos, NM, where the scientific work connected with the development of those weapons was conducted was a totally secret city. Nobel prize winning scientists travelled under assumed names. And there were many more examples. A very distressing disinformation release occurred on Sept.12, 1945, when the New York Times quoted General T.F. Farrell, Chief of the War Departmentís mission to Hiroshima, saying that the bomb produced no long lived radioactivity. That was known to be totally false as a result of medical observations of very sick people in Hiroshima a month after the blast."

Thanks Stan for confirming that the NY Times was a conduit for disinformation. I highlight the NT Times complicity in disinformation in my book on page  169.

Stan continues:
"During World War II there were many examples of Disinformation. The allies made a very elaborate and subtle effort to convince Hitler that the expected invasion of Germany would take place near Calais, France, under General Patton. Instead Normandy was the location. Hitler was fooled and withheld his reserve troops not knowing that Normandy was just a feint. It was too late when he finally responded."

Thanks Stan for mentioning the WW2 disinformation operations that were conducted as strategic deception against the Axis powers. The deception planners that designed and conducted those disinformation operations were the London Controlling Section in the UK and Joint Security Control in the United States. The perpetrators of the 1946 Ghost Rockets just so happened to be the successor members of these two deception planning organizations. On the American side, these included Joint Security Control members  General Hoyt Vandenberg, General George McDonald, General Stephen Chamberlin and General Clayton Bissell, among others. If you read the book you will find extensive footnotes that point to the official documents that show the involvement of these characters.

Stan further asserts:
James goes on at some length about a Project Seal supposedly conducted in secrecy by New Zealand, the USA and the United Kingdom towards the end of WW II. The idea was to see if an artificial Tsunami could be created using underwater explosives and causing a huge tidal wave to wash away the Japanese troops on Pacific Islands. He focused on articles appearing in Mid-June 1947 suggesting the project had been working on something as powerful as the atomic bomb and makes much of the timing of one of the articles being in a newspaper next to one about Kenneth Arnold's sighting. For reasons unknown the articles named 2 professionals involved in the project. James is right to ask what that was all about. Was it to tantalize the Russians? But he provides no link between that story and Roswell or the Soviets.

There is no "supposedly" about it. Project Seal was a wartime classified project. I have posted the declassified project documents on my blog What you failed to mention to your readers is that the project was terminated in 1945 but promoted as ongoing in 1947 by the original scientists working on the project. These scientists were purposely telling lies but packaging it as  truth - that is called disinformation. 

You also failed to mention that the press in 1947 did not know that the already terminated project was a tsunami creator as the project wasn't declassified till much later. Instead the speculation two weeks before Kenneth Arnold had his sighting was that the super secret weapon was an airborne weapon. When you read my book you will see the connection this story has with the Soviets.

What is that debunking tactic you really hate others using? Oh yes - "What the Public doesn't know, don't tell them"

Stan acts surprised when:
"Carrion doesn't mention the story told by Professor Valery Burdakov of the Scientific Geoinformation Center of the USSR Academy of Sciences in a large article in Rabochhaya Tribuna (the Workers Tribune) in August 1991, Professor Burdakov told how he had been told by Sergey Korolyev, the Soviet Union's top rocket designer,that Josef Stalin had ordered Korolyev to spend time in secret reviewing a number of foreign articles about UFOs including about Roswell. Several Translators were provided."

You won't be surprised Stan to see in my book that this is exactly what the Rosetta Deception was about - to get the Soviets interested first in the Ghost Rockets and later Flying Saucers for a mundane although highly important reason that had nothing to do with ET.  The book will explain how important those foreign articles were to pulling off the deception.

And most importantly Stan, thank you for mentioning that:
"Korolyev told Stalin the saucers seemed to be real, but were not a security threat to the USSR. Stalin said other scientists had provided the same opinion. Burdakov was asked about the source of the information. His answer was from Spies. We now know, of course that there were, in 1947, Russian spies such as the Rosenbergs and Klaus Fuchs working at Los Alamos."

Yes Stan, the source were Soviet spies because the Rosetta Deception is intimately tied to the Venona Project, the highly secret counterintelligence program that was being conducted from 1946 onward to expose those very spies.

So Stan, thank you for bolstering my book precognitively in 2010. It is too bad your precognitive abilities failed you when you predicted before reading the book, that the Rosetta Deception itself is just disinformation. If you still stand by that comment, then you won't object to a public debate where you present evidence disputing that my book presents anything other than factual evidence backed up by documented sources. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stanton Friedman - Look In the Mirror

Recently, Stan Friedman was interviewed on the Paracast and was asked about my recently released book "The Rosetta Deception". You can hear his interview here 
I will answer Stanton’s comments on the Rosetta Deception by using Stanton Friedmanisms: "Don’t bother with me the facts, my mind is made up and if you can’t attack the data, attack the person."
All of my Rosetta Deception research is based on facts that are well documented in the book. Stanton admits he hasn't yet read the book but then categorically says I am full of baloney. Stanton later says he will read the Rosetta Deception and write an article for the MUFON journal on it but then states that he “predicts the book will be disinformation.”
Astoundingly, later on in the interview when asked to offer an opinion on Stan Romanek, he says “I don’t have enough information to have a reasonable opinion”. When asked about some alleged new Roswell related material recently found in some attic, Stan states, “I don’t know enough to have an opinion” and “why should I replace facts with conjecture?” Uh? Did you not just do that Stan by calling my research baloney and disinformation when you still have not read the book?
So Stanton, here is my response to your penchant at contradicting yourself: Practice what you preach and do your homework and get your facts straight before you commit to an opinion.
The things Stanton said in the interview we can agree on and which should stick out to him when he reads the book and as he is penning his MUFON journal article:
- How easy it is to keep secrets and how important “need to know” is in the intelligence community
- The tremendous amounts of money earmarked for the intelligence community
- Disinformation is a well-known Government activity and was used heavily in WW2
- The importance of code breaking during WW2, “Thank God for Enigma and Purple”
- The enemy reads American newspapers too

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Rosetta Deception

After five years of continuous research, Volume 1 of the Rosetta Deception is now ready for publication. Covering the period from 1945-mid 1947, the book documents the US-UK strategic deception operations that collectively amount to the opening salvo of the Cold War. The Ghost Rocket wave of 1946 was part and parcel of this deception. Yes, US and UK taxpayers, your Governments created the UFO myth - all in the name of national security.

Not content to just discuss a narrative of events, the book conclusively shows precedent, motive, means and methods, all of which are sorely lacking from any previous research into these events. Using forensic methods and analysis, documentary evidence from UK and US archives never before seen or synthesized is brought to the light of day.

Volume 2 will build upon this research into the 1947-48 time frame.

The book is available on Amazon at The Rosetta Deception
A companion blog of supporting documentation can be found here: The Rosetta Deception Blog

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wanted: Flying Saucer Journalist – Pay is Great – Benefits Even Better

In June 1947, Kenneth Arnold became a world-wide celebrity after his sighting of “flying saucers” over Mount Rainier. His notoriety traveled fast and wide, so much so, that had he initiated the modern day UFO era today instead of in 1947, he would probably have been offered the lead role in his own reality TV series.  Arnold’s story had all of the essential ingredients of a good old fashioned fire side tale that even Hollywood would be hard pressed to replicate:  faster-than-man-made aircraft flying through the air, crashed saucers on the ground, Men in Black, Military Intelligence investigations, etc.  Quicker than a Roswellian scout craft, Arnold’s account jumped off the Associated Press wire and built itself into the UFO perpetual motion machine of Americana that it is today.

Sensational! Full of Intrigue! Amazing Story! Unbelievable but True! That’s the way we Americans like our news – diced up, double fried and served hot - anything to keep us from being reminded of our dreary existence. Arnold’s story was all of that and more. There’s a reason why William Randolph Hearst could afford to build mansions and castles – he knew the value of Yellow Journalism and profited immensely from it.
But wait! It wasn’t Hearst’s International New Service (INS) that broke the flying saucer news, but its competitor the Associated Press (AP). And the AP’s greater rival, the United Press (UP) would have to wait a good month before it could get the scoop on both the AP and the INS with the Maury Island investigation, also starring, yes you guessed it, Kenneth Arnold.

So what’s my point? Well if you spent enough time digging through old 1947 newspapers, and only paid attention to the sensational flying saucer stories, you would have missed half of the story.
You would have missed the June 13-15 “Bigger than the Atomic Bomb” Top Secret Research project story that made headlines around the world, courtesy of the Canadian Press(CP) and picked up by the AP. This was the same incredible story I have conclusively proven as disinformation – not just another Conspiracy theory – but based on irrefutable hard evidence through declassified documents. Read my paper at:  for the details.

If you only cared about the flying pie plate stories and crashed balloons, you would have also missed the June 13, 1947 story, also courtesy of the AP, of a contract that the US Amy Air Force allegedly awarded the Douglas Aircraft Corporation to build an aircraft capable of travelling 2,200 MPH and flying at a height of 35 – 50 miles. A great feat considering that it took competing Airplane manufacturer Lockheed, almost fifteen years to develop the SR-71 Blackbird that was capable of attaining that speed. Perhaps the contract money instead went to Douglas’ founding of the Army Air Force Think Tank known as the RAND Corporation as no aircraft Douglas ever worked on seems to fit the bill of this mystery contract.
And if you were just focused on the Roswell captured saucer but deflated as a balloon story, you would have also missed the July 12, 1947 article that detailed renowned Harvard scientist Doctor Walter Orr Robert’s description of an 8,500 MPH “Neptune” rocket project from White Sands, New Mexico that could cross the United States in 26 minutes. The very next day, the Army would not comment, “explaining that the newest rocket referred to was a Navy project about which the Army would say nothing."  Indeed, you would be hard pressed to find any such rocket in the annals of missile history.

Taken individually, each of these stories is either proven disinformation, anachronistic or just weird with the military communicating big lies to the press. Taken together as a concerted plan to use the media to push out a message, not to the the American Public, who like Arnold implicitly trusted Government (I know, hard to believe considering today’s conspiracy mindful public) but instead to our perceived enemies at the time, the Soviets, then from the perspective of a Grand Deception operation, they make complete sense.
And before you start pooh-poohing this mass deception notion and label it as just another Conspiracy Theory, perhaps you should study your Kenneth Arnold and Maury Island a little bit closer before passing judgment. Don’t chuck the inconvenient details that don’t seem to fit an ET explanation like:

1.       When Kenneth Arnold landed at Yakima, Washington, and told his story to Al Baxter, Al called in some of his helicopter pilots into the room, one of the pilots exclaiming: “Ah, those are just a bunch of guided missiles coming out of Moses Lake.”  Never mind, that guided missiles were not being developed out of Moses Lake at that time or that a lowly helicopter pilot would even know this. Poor suggestible and naïve Arnold not only accepted this theory but fed it to the press.

2.       When Arnold first reported his sighting to the East Oregonian in Pendleton (who put it on the AP wire), lo and behold, an “unknown man” told Arnold he had seen the exact same objects over Ukiah. How convenient.

3.       Never mind, that when Arnold flew to Seattle that he just happened to be in the right place and at the right time to meet up with United Airlines Pilot E. J. Smith and Copilot Ralph Stevens at the INS offices, with Arnold , Smith and Stevens posing for the INS reporter while looking at UFO photos taken by another Seattle man, Frank Ryman. What a photo opportunity dream come true.

4.       Consider that Arnold flew unannounced to Tacoma, Washington to investigate the Maury Island incident and couldn’t find a room in town until he contacted the Winthrop Hotel which mysteriously had a room booked under his name, a reservation Arnold did not make.

5.       Consider that this same room 502 at the Winthrop was bugged and Arnold’s conversations leaked to the United Press reporters. Arnold was adamant about not talking to reporters, but someone else really wanted this story out and on the newswire.

6.       Consider that the Winthrop Hotel was conveniently right across the street from the United Press office in downtown Tacoma.

7.       And who was the manager of the United Press office? A man by the name of Howard Applegate, whose family member Rex Applegate  was a prominent member of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the predecessor of the CIA. There are less degrees of separation here than Kevin Bacon to the Queen of England.
In summary, Kenneth Arnold’s story and all of the other military concocted stories I have listed were not meant for the consumption of Joe American, but for Joe Stalin and company. Why? Well if you were as afraid of the intentions of the Soviets back in 1947 as our American leaders were, you would make up stories too to prevent a hot war from igniting. Of course you wouldn’t go through all of this trouble unless you could reap some additional benefits from it. But those other reasons will be the subject of another blog entry.

If you want to read for yourself the newspaper articles mentioned, you can find them at: in the Research Document section.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flying Saucers - The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Update from the Center for UFO Truth (CUT)

Winston Churchill’s famous quote that “in wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies” rings as true today in modern warfare as it did back during those precarious WW2 years. But it was the turbulent times of peace that came right after the Great War, which found the West scrambling to avoid yet another world wide armed confrontation, this time because of the rising menace of the Soviet Union. With millions of war dead fresh in the collective consciousness of the conflict weary United States and its allies, these nations contemplated their new found peace and wondered how long it could be maintained.

It was during these nail biting times of extreme anxiety over the Soviet Union’s next move, that intrepid American men took into their own hands the fate of the nation. Drawing upon their considerable success, in partnership with the British, in deceiving the Axis powers during the war as well as their amazing feats of code breaking that turned the tide of battle both in Europe and in the Pacific, a secret cabal of concerned patriots came together with the singular purpose of using their well-honed skills against this new enemy of freedom.

With the Venona Project decodes drying up after Soviet changes, predicting the enemy’s actions without reading their message traffic only exacerbated the growing feelings of the dread that a new war was right around the corner.  But to break the Soviet code required either access to the cryptographic material or the computational power of modern day code breaking computers – the latter did not yet exist and the former was carefully guarded.

So an amazing plan was hatched – to employ a successful technique used during WW2, called “gardening” – which during the War involved the placement of false news stories that the Allies knew the Axis would be interested in, wait for the news stories to be encoded and transmitted by Axis agents, and after intercepting the coded transmissions, the Allies could then work out the code system; already having the known plain text in hand.

But what could possibly arouse the interest of the Soviet Union in American Press articles during a time of peace? Enter the Big Lie – the creation of the modern day UFO myth.

A careful analysis of the events that surround June and July 1947, the birth date of the modern day UFO era shows that what transpired around the well-known UFO cases of Maury Island, Kenneth Arnold, and Roswell itself, was part of a grand deception to convince the Soviets that the United States and its allies had a new secret weapon that would keep the Soviet Union at bay in the event of an armed conflict. Of course no such weapon existed, but that was the plan to begin with - get the Russians to take interest in something so grandiose that ignoring it would not be an option. After all, the Americans beat them to the bomb, and Generalissimo Stalin did not want his empire to be embarrassed once again.

To pull off the most incredible deception in human history, required a very disciplined and select number of likeminded individuals, all with the motive, means and skills to pull it off. At the top of this cabal, an already illustrious American war hero: Army Air Forces General Hoyt Vandenberg. Destined to command the newly founded U.S. Air Force the following year, he conveniently made his move from the Director of the Central Intelligence Group back to Army Air Forces in May 1947, just two months shy of the plan’s execution. Vandenberg could disavow Army Air Force involvement by outsourcing the dirty work of this operation to his former colleagues at the Central Intelligence Group (CIG), the direct predecessor of the modern day CIA. And not just any folks in the CIG, but to an elite unit, known during its WW2 OSS incarnation as X2 - the Counterintelligence branch which subsequently morphed into the CIA’s Office of Special Operations.

So why X-2? On the CIA’s own web site it states that: “William Donovan created the X-2 Branch in early 1943 to provide British intelligence services with a liaison office in OSS for sharing ULTRA. Using ULTRA intercepts, the British security services had captured every German agent in the United Kingdom; some agents were even “doubled” to send a steady flow of plausible but bogus reports to Berlin. British intelligence wanted American help in this campaign, but London insisted that the Americans imitate British security practices to protect the vital ULTRA secret from unauthorized disclosures (even to other OSS personnel). X-2 was the Branch that resulted from this deal; it had its own overseas stations and communications channels and operated in partnership with the British foreign and domestic intelligence services.”

Vandenberg, himself privy to signal intercept intelligence during the War and knowing its immense value, was determined to play the same counterintelligence game with the Soviet Union. Since the extent of Soviet spy networks in the United States was not known, the Big Lie would kill two birds with one stone – code breaking and spy catching.

To kick off the grand deception, the possibility of a secret project had to originate from somewhere outside the armed forces, within the civilian US population, and after it garnered enough public awareness through the mass media, would then feed upon itself in a frenzy of planted stories, continued news hype and the everyday psychological mass hysteria.

Experiencing a few hiccups at the beginning, the deception planners, got the break they needed when an honest All American Kenneth Arnold made their day, by kick starting the operation when reporting what he saw over Mount Rainier. Arnold was not in on the deception, he was just where the planners knew he would be when they orchestrated their bogus flyover; Arnold in pursuit of a $5000.00 reward for a lost Marine transport.

Phase two of the plan was to get the unsuspecting FBI, under J. Edgar Hoover to provide the manpower behind tracking down the interested parties in the “flying saucer” stories. When Maury Island went awry with the death of two Army Air Force Intelligence officers, the FBI did what they do best, an in-depth investigation of Maury Island stooges Dahl and Crisman – just too good for Vandenberg’s liking.  A leak of derogatory comments about the FBI, designed to trigger Hoover’s ego mania and an anti-saucer investigation tirade, put an end to the too-close-for-comfort FBI scrutiny of the involved parties. X2/CIG/CIA was solidly at the helm of the deception and the FBI had to be reined back.

President Truman was also kept out of the loop as well, not unprecedented, since he wasn’t even made aware of the Manhattan Project until after moving from the role of Vice President to President.

At some point, the FBI was brought fully into the fray as they were already knee-deep in the subversive communist problem with Subject Matter-X and Subject Matter-R, concerning the Internal Security of the United States, and it was natural for the FBI to gain full awareness of the operation. I am sure that J. Edgar blew quite a few fuses that day when the CIA finally let him in on the secret.

The missing piece in getting the operation going was to find select individuals in the news wire services and the Press to chop up, dish out and serve the provocative 1947 news stories that would cause illegal agents to scrutinize the areas and people surrounding the UFO sightings and would send Russian legals scrambling to encode the stories for transmission back to Moscow. Yep, the deception planners found who they needed within the Associated Press, United Press and International News Service wire services and within select newspapers across the United States.

The operation succeeded beyond the planner’s wildest dreams, and 60 plus years later, the legacy of their deception operation still survives as a belief system that is as part of Americana as Apple Pie.

But continuing to cover up the Biggest Lie ever told requires ever more elaborate deception techniques, from sending Ufologists and believers down even rosier primrose paths, to mass forging documents that once leaked into the UFO community convince the believer that the “cover up” is deeper and more sinister that even science fiction can portray.

So what proof do I have that anything you have read to now is true? After two years of continuous research, I have amassed official documents that when analyzed through the lens of forensic history, conclusively reverse engineers the greatest deception ever perpetrated in human history.

Ongoing Freedom of Information requests to the FBI, National Archives, CIA, are providing more pieces to the puzzle each day. When enough of the puzzle has been assembled with official source documentation, and sober Americans realize the extent to which they have been deceived, it will be time to call your Congressman and demand that those Federal Agencies who have been part and parcel of the Big Lie – are hauled in to Congressional hearings to admit their complicity and make their amends to the American People. The CIA and FBI are at the top of this list.

Ironically, the CIA who can trace its very birth back to the greatest of all Big Lies, sports a Bible quote on the face of its HQ building in Langley, Virginia which reads— “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Indeed, it is time we are all set free.