Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stan Romanek Threatens Lawsuit

Stan Romanek called the MUFON Office yesterday asking for MUFON's legal department and the street address where MUFON can be "served" papers. Unfortunately, I wasn't there to get the call.

Seems like the way you get someone to stop pointing out inconvenient facts about your claims is to threaten legal action. So Mr. Romanek, this is a message for you that I won't have to serve through the Sheriff's office or through a demand letter:

- In a court of law you can't manipulate the facts like you can in the court of public opinion
- You have to swear to tell the truth
- You have to have your claims believed by a jury of your peers, not by your friends, family, and investigators you are buddies with
- You cannot withhold key evidence

So, Stan, if you think I am going to stop pointing out the problems with your claims by threatening me with a lawsuit, you are sadly mistaken. There is nothing illegal about the truth.

Speaking of which, please feel free to post publicly the video/photo evidence that you have yet to release to the world because I have some world class photo/video experts who are dying to analyze them:

- All the ORIGINAL videos of your peeping aliens
- All the ORIGINAL photos that show you with strange "reptilian" eye transformations
- All the ORIGINAL photos/videos of all of your other otherworldly experiences

I will be happy to give you some space on my public web server to upload them and I will make them freely available to any other photo/video analyst.